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The Visible Ops Handbook: Starting ITIL in 4 Practical Steps

by: Kevin Behr, Gene Kim, George Spafford

Information Technology Process Institute
(June, 2004)



This short book manages to capture the essentials of what it takes to initate ITIL in any organization. The authors do not drift off on tangents or lose sight of the scope of the book - they present a realistic starting point and four clearly defined steps that will move you forward towards implementing ITIL.

I like the emphasis on change and release management, which (to me) is the keystone for ITIL. I also like how the steps have clear objectives that can be measured, as well as exit criteria to assure that each step is completed before moving to the next.

This is not a comprehensive book on implementing ITIL, but a starting point. More importantly, the approach set forth in the book will significantly improve the operational process capabilities of most IT organizations regardless of whether implementing ITIL is a goal.

This book is a welcome and important addition to the ITIL body of knowledge because it cuts through to the essentials and provides you with a clear path to getting started.





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